The Case of the India Pale Ale Original Labels

The Case of the India Pale Ale began as a twelve-part series printed on the labels of 22 oz. bottles of IPA by Buzzard’s Bay Brewing. Here are the originals as designed and photographed by the inestimable Bill Russell.

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Because Funny


So, here we are. Eventually, you may find content at this address that is  somewhat amusing. This post, however, is all business. I wrote a book, The Case of the India Pale Ale, which is a noir satire based on a beer label.

Wait, what?

Well, to quote from the summary of my own press release (mirrors on mirrors):

In 2010, Paull L. Goodchild and Buzzard’s Bay Brewing collaborated on a twelve-part serial story on the labels of 22 oz. bottles of I.P.A. This story has been expanded into a novel, The Case of the India Pale Ale, now published in 2015. “The Exploits of Count Vorlauf in the Hop Wars,” an adventure farce recounted in the novel, graces the labels of a new BBB beer—a Double I.P.A.

Subsequent posts will most assuredly expand on that brief elevator pitch, but if you are already convinced hit the link above to learn more and perhaps purchase the book. Also, I plan on placing some stories and whatnot on the site…